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HELLO & GOODBYE is owned by a passionate Japanese born artist "The Artsy Asian".

It started with just the passion to create good stuff with her own two hands, and to portray the untold stories onto everyday clothing.


Here's the little story behind HELLO & GOODBYE...
-It all started with one special gift.


Before I left for New York City to chase my wildest dreams, I was presented with a pair of Vans that were absolutely perfect. They had been hand painted by a very good friend, as a farewell gift. 

​​Now, here I am, making hand painted custom items for other people hoping to share and spread the same experience.


8 years ago, I was given something to hold that represents the memories and stories from my own life.


Sure‥, you can find cool clothes that you can relate to, in a retail store just fine. 

Probably for a very good price too. However, here at Hello & Goodbye, I treat YOUR STORY like it is the one and only story.


Not something that will be buried in mass production.


 It is made just for YOU and only for YOU.


​So please tell me.

What are you passionate about? What do you love?

What keeps you going? What keeps you up at night? Who's your childhood hero?

What lies between your hellos and goodbyes?


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